Single-Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine - IB SeriesSingle-Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine -  ISB SeriesGF/IB-Series MouldGF/ISB-Series Mould

Single-Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine - IB Series

The machine is horizontal oriented, making operation and maintenance ergonomically sound and providing great human-machine interaction.

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Single-Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine -  ISB Series

Single machine purchase saves the equipment occupied space and decreases the investment risk while from the product development to mold testing all the processes are taken and completed in one place.

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GF/IB-Series Mould

Mold design adopts common mold base with interchangeable parts, ideal for various resin and a wide range of application manufacture.

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GF/ISB-Series Mould

Low mold cost -- meet the market demands for high product varieties.

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Golfang (founded in 1982) specializes in injection blow molding machine and puts great effort in developing injection blow molds and related products. Accumulated twenty some years of great experience, Golfang possesses highly skilled technology, is the leading brand in Taiwan’s injection blow molding industry and well famous globally. The company provides production equipment from high-quality PC baby bottle, PE and PP medical container, eye drop bottle, PS yogurt bottle, high-quality PC, PMMA lampshade, even to super small size cosmetic, medical and food PET containers. There are extensive selections for its customers to choose from and its market reaches all over the world.