• IB Series (Injection Blow Molding)

    IB Series (Injection Blow Molding)

    The products of IB-Series have smooth-even mouth, great sealing, round and smooth body and bottom, superior quality, and no seam mark...

  • ISB Series (Injection Stretch Blow Molding)

    ISB Series (Injection Stretch Blow Molding)

    GF/ISB series adopts the world's most advanced "single-stage injection stretch blow" molding technology

  • Molds of Injection Blow Molding Machine

    Molds of Injection Blow Molding Machine

    Utility mold baser design to save the duplicate invest cost. Mold tools are partible and easy to exchange & repair, low maintenance charge & prolong life.

  • Accessories


    GF/TO-Series Heat Transfer Medium for indirect Circulation System, with both cooling and heating capabilities, is the required system for enhancing the effectiveness of the main unit's running temperature.

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